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Apply for BYU-Idaho online scholarship

Application Deadline

  • Fall Semester - June 1
  • Winter Semester - October 1
  • Spring Semsester - February 1

Applicant Requirements

In order to qualify for our scholarships, each applicant must meet the following criteria:
  • Graduate from PathwayConnect.
  • Officially admitted to BYU-Idaho online certificate program offered in partnership with BYU Pathway Worldwide
  • Served an honorable mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How it works

It is essential for you to understand how the scholarship works.
  • You will receive 100 percent tuition at the pathways rate for the first semester up to 9 credit hours.
  • You will continue to receive 100 percent tuition for future semesters if you receive a 3.0 - 4.0 GPA up to 120 credit hours.
  • You will receive 50% tuition for 2.0-2.9 GPA up to 120 total credit hours.
  • If your GPA is less than a 2.0 GPA, you will lose your scholarship for future semesters.
  • You must complete at lease two semesters per year

For Your Application

PathwaysConnect Certificate

A copy of the main page of the applicant’s travel passport

Mission Certificate

BYU-Idaho Acceptance Letter

A copy of your acceptance letter


3 minute video to tell us about yourself and education goals


A photo of yourself.

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